electric furnaces

JSJ is a worldwide leading supplier of electric melting furnaces. The JSJ experts can look back on decades of practical experience with electric melting of many different glass compositions.

JSJ state-of-the-art electric melting furnaces range from 0.5t/d- 150t/d. And the following glasses are produced with JSJ plants.

  • Borosilicate glasses
  • Alumo borosilicate glass
  • Alkaline-free glass (TFT, H4)
  • High quality soda lime glass
  • Opal glass
  • Lead glass
  • Optical glass
  • Enamel and frit

For the future, JSJ expects electric melting as one o the highest growth areas in glass melting. Not only for technical glass, but also for container and flat glass, increasing fuel costs and economical use of fuel, reduction of dust, CO2 and NOx-emissions, will become more and more important.