fuel fired

JSJ offers different types of regenerative and recuperative gas heated furnaces for the production of container glass, tableware, rolled glass and glass beads. JSJ furnaces satisfy our customers not only with the production of high glass quality with low energy consumption, but also with an environmentally friendly glass production.

Together with our partner GFT we supply state-of-the-art float furnaces for the production of architectural, automotive and solar glass.


Oxy-Fuel Fired

In 1996 JSJ built and successfully commissioned the first oxy-fuel fired furnaces ever for borosilicate glass at Telux in Weisswasser, Germany.

Since more than 15 years now JSJ is continuously improving the oxy-fuel firing technology and quite a number of oxy-fuel furnaces is successfully in operation all over the world.

We have reached a worldwide reputation for technical excellence:

  • Perfect glass quality
  • Safe and smooth operation
  • Comparatively low investment costs
  • Significant savings in energy
  • Low dust and NOx-emission
  • Maximized furnace campaign

If you want to produce high quality soda-lime- or borosilicate glass, pharma glass, fiber glass, lead glass, glass ceramics, display glass or cover glass for displays, JSJ will supply you with the best and economical furnace type.