special melting facilities

JSJ has unique experience in the design and engineering of melting facilities for small scale production of particular glass and glass ceramics. For each application our clients can expect custom designed plant and equipment as:

  • Full platinum melter
  • Specific day tanks
  • Pot furnaces
  • Crucible melting facilities
  • Induction heated furnaces

Example:  Platinum Melter
The complete working knowledge of particular glass and ceramic manufactoring technologies involved in the platinum melter production process gives JSJ a solid foundation for the optimum design of these specific melting facilities. Continuously operating JSJ platinum melter are characterized by:

  • Cold top melting, app. 50kg/d glass pull
  • Direct electric heating of precious metal parts
  • Separate heating zones for melting, refining, homogenizing and conditioning
  • Outlet with specific screw plunger and tube- or nozzle heating