Materials / Technology
Compared to nearly all metals and polymers ceramic materials can be applied at very high temperatures.
Dense ceramics are characterized by their high strength and hardness, whereas cellular ceramic structures exhibit low weight and high thermal shock resistance.

The production programme of SiCeram includes the following materials:
  • Silicon carbide, dense and cellular
  • Silicon nitride, dense and cellular
  • Aluminium oxide, dense and cellular
  • Zirconium dioxide
  • Hard metals
Especially high performance ceramics exhibit superior properties in many applications as compared to the materials applied today. Despite their excellent properties the use is often prohibited by the high costs.
The production technology developed by SiCeram allows a remarkable cost reduction at higher product quality. This is achieved by applying thermoplastic shape forming technology, well known from the polymer industry, which allows a variety of complex shapes. Injection moulding technology is suitable for an industrial scale production. The expenses for additional surface machining stay minimal or can be avoided completely, depending on surface quality requirements.

The core competences of SiCeram lie in:
  • Preparation of raw materials
  • Shape forming technologies
  • Binder removal
  • High temperature sintering processes